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Posts are arranged by fandom (and fandoms in alphabetic order).

Doctor Who (2005)
The content of the box Gen, G. (UK politics crossover)
Refugees Gen, G. (Aeneid crossover)
An Unearthly Guest - Madame Vastra/Jenny and implied Eight/Fitz, PG. (New!Who and Eighth Doctor Adventures)
Fight Our Own Shadows - Gen, PG. (New!Who and Faction Paradox)
Tea and Distractions - Eighth Doctor/River Song, implied Eighth Doctor/Turing, NC-17. (New!Who and EDAs)

Doctor Who (1963)
The Confidant - gen, PG. (Third Doctor)
Family Resemblance - gen, G. (Seventh Doctor)

Doctor Who: Eighth Doctor Adventures
War will change us both - Fitz/Eight, R.
Speaking of the dying - Fitz/Eight, PG.
The Flower Tender - Fitz/Eight, some onesided Sam/Eight, mentions of Turlough/Eight, Grace/Eight, R. 6 chapters. (Victorian AU of Obverse)
Hyperboloids of Wondrous Light - Eight/Alan Turing, some implied Eight/Fitz and Eight/TARDIS, historical pairings. NC-17. 10 chapters.
Cor Cordium - Eight/Sabbath, PG.
If I lead, will you follow? - Eight/Scarlette, R.
The Reminder - Eight/Fitz, G-PG.
Otherness - Gen, can be read as Eight/Fitz and past Eight/Romana, G.
An Unearthly Guest - Madame Vastra/Jenny and implied Eight/Fitz, PG. Two chapters.
Nostalgia - gen, G.
A Night Out - Eight/Fitz, G/PG.
Tea and Distractions - Eighth Doctor/River Song, implied Eighth Doctor/Turing, NC-17

Harry Potter
The Sun shines under the clouds - Sirius/Lupin, G. (WWI (almost) non-magical AU)
Whispers of Mortality - Sirius/Lupin, PG
Bearer of Ill Tidings - Sirius/Lupin, G
Counting Down - Sirius/Lupin, PGish
A Different Kind of Magic - John Constantine/Remus Lupin, NC-17. (Hellblazer / Harry Potter crossover)
The Survivor - Sirius/Lupin, Lupin/m, NC-17. 23 chapters (1/23 posted)

Sherlock (BBC)
Unexpected deductions - Mrs Hudson/Lestrade, G.

Star Trek (TOS)
Of lecture notes and chance sightings - Kirk/Spock, PG.
Waiting for the stars - Kirk/Spock, PG.
Festivals of Light - Kirk/Spock, PG.
Scattered moments - Kirk/Spock, R.
The Forging - Kirk/Spock, PG-13.
Balances - Kirk/Spock, McCoy/Natira, PG.
New Skin - Kirk/Spock, PG-13.
Private insight - Kirk/Spock, Saavik/OMC, G.
Heart to heart - Kirk/Spock, McCoy/Natira. PG-13. 11 chapters.
Sanctuary of silence - Kirk/Spock, reference to David/Saavik. PG. (AU)
Letters from dead men - Kirk/Spock, PG.
Currents of time - Kirk/Spock, PG. (Generations AU)
Understanding - Kirk/Spock, NC-17.
Unbearable - Kirk/Spock, sort of Kirk/katra!McCoy, NC-17.

Star Trek: XI
The Urge to Fall - Kirk/Spock preslash, implied Kirk Prime/Spock Prime. PG. 2 chapters. (Rebooting of TOS episode Journey to Babel)

X-Men: First Class, movieverse
Love - Charles/Erik, mentions of Hank/Raven and onesided Moira/Charles. PG.
Convergency - Charles/Erik, brief Charles/m. PG-13.
A Friend in Need - Gen, PG. (X-Men: First Class / Captain America AU.)
Let Freedom Ring - Erik/Charles, past Erik/Raven, mention of Hank/Raven, sort of brief Raven/Angel, references to future Scott/Jean. NC-17. 19 chapters.
Different Skies - Moira/Joseph McTaggert, Moira/Charles. PG.
The Secret in the Attic - Erik/Magda, Erik/Charles. PG-13.
Liberation - Gen, PG-13.
The Third who walks always beside you - Erik/Charles/Gabrielle Haller, NC-17. 19 chapters.
Snow in July - Charles/Erik, past Erik/Magda. PG.

In Defense of Inverse Sexism (on Raven)
Mystique and bodies (on Mystique)

X-Men (comicverse)
A proclamation of love to Gabrielle Haller (Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants)

Historical era tags
Trojan War - Roman Republic - 18th century - 19th century - 1900-1950s - 1960s-2000 - Future

I also post fics on Archive of Our Own

Kirk/Spock fics can also be found at the K/S Archive.
Doctor Who fics can also be found at Teaspoon and an Open Mind.

I also ramble about fandom and crosspost fic on Tumblr as apolesen.




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